YE Ventures has developed a network of partners with resources and expertise that assist in the development and protection
of the YE Venture Labs Network , including the portfolio companies.


Software development and IT services firm for the federal government and private sector.  Services include:

Design, Spec and Build
Project Management
Data Management
Tracking and Compliance Software
Big Data Analytics
Mobile Development – native and cross-plafrom


Each firm represents a valued member of the YE Ventures ecosystem of ecosystems™.


Intellectual property advisory and commercialization firm.  IPCL works with clients on all aspects of intellectual property licensing and commercializing IP portfolios:

Analysis of markets and competition
Intellectual property strategy and business plan development
Identify and prioritize development opportunities
Identifying licensing opportunities (both in and out licensing)
Identification/screening/meeting potential partners
Development of Business Development and marketing materials
Representation at partnering meetings and conferences
Deal valuation
Intellectual property licensing negotiations
Management of the due diligence process

Contact Us

For Inquiries about YE Ventures Labs or Ventures Capital, please reach out directly to the firms’ principals at:

YE Ventures, LLC 301 S. Fremont Ave. Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 576-9755
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