Venture Labs

The YE Ventures Model is founded on the premise that there is both scale and experience curve economies to be had in the development of multiple firms that leverage a family of core technology and or share common customers or clients.

Currently, there are several labs (with a couple of more in development or represent current investment considerations) which make up the Venture Lab group, each with a research focus area, independent IP portfolio and proprietary technology assets:

Semantic Labs, LLC
AutoLabs, LLC
Machine Data Learning, LLC
Nexify, Inc.

Pivot & Opportunity Labs
Opportunity Labs
Studio Code Labs, LLC

Independently, each Lab represents a leading research and commercialization house in areas which include big and small data analytics (including predictive and prescriptive), AI based personalization, environmental based machine learning across multiple massive data sets, natural language processing, data aggregation and modular and multichannel product development.

Collectively, the Labs represents a new model in multi-venture creation, with the ability to do tech transfer for commercialization, leverage research from some of leading universities in the country and develop in-house.  relationships with a premier new venture creation house or start up studio having developed and launched over 15 ventures. The resulting products include applications in the HR market, new search technologies, multiple advertising technology offerings, new commerce solutions, and numerous APIs.

Contact Us

For Inquiries about YE Ventures Labs or Ventures Capital, please reach out directly to the firms’ principals at:

YE Ventures, LLC 301 S. Fremont Ave. Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 576-9755
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