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About YE Ventures

YE Ventures is a technology commercialization company an innovative technology holding company and investment firm, with expertise across each major stage of the technology commercialization life cycle, from creation to harvest. The firm is comprised of two distinct, yet complimentary groups: Venture Labs and Venture Capital.

Venture Labs is focused on the creation, launch and development of firms which either address market needs in new ways or creates new market opportunities – two cornerstones of innovation. At present there are 6 Labs that make up the YE Venture Labs group. The Venture Capital group via its investment vehicle YE Capital Partners, focuses on investing, providing growth capital and harvesting of the firms in the Labs as well as non-labs investments.

Venture Labs

The YE Ventures Model is founded on the premise that there is both scale and experience curve economies to be had in the development of multiple firms that leverage a family of core technology and or share common customers or clients.

Semantic Labs, LLC

AutoLabs, LLC

Machine Data Learning, LLC

Nexify, Inc.

Studio Code Labs

Pivot & Opportunity Labs

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YE Ventures is an innovation hybrid:
part R&D Lab, part “Outcubator” and part Investor

Here are the three little things that makes us special


Innovation is our mission, our calling. We are moving from zero from to one, not from one to one hundred. That means that we are focusing on commercialization new technology and inventions, no copying existing ones.


We are not new to big data, analytics, AI, NLG or any of the acronyms that have become current innovative areas or buzzwords. Each of our labs’ teams, feature technologists with at least 2 DECADES of experience in the major technical areas underlying the technology researched, developed and commercialized.


Our core technology is built internally. Thus, we just don’t put cool ideas around technology to which other firms has the same ready access. In many areas such as AI personalization, or Big Data aggregation and assimilation and machine learning we are pioneers and inventors (with the IP to prove it). We leveraged our expertise in the development of Innovative big Ideas with equally astute financial and operational minds.

Our Team

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring
our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

York Eggleston


Keith Machen

Venture Partner

Llewlyn Wall

Venture Partner

Andrew Cohen

VP Finance and Business Development

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For Inquiries about YE Ventures Labs or Ventures Capital, please reach out directly to the firms’ principals at:

YE Ventures, LLC 301 S. Fremont Ave. Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 576-9755
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