In Residence Programs

Distinct from most current incubators or accelerators, YE Ventures is a research and commercialization lab with its primary ventures having originated in the labs and then launched to the public and enterprises.
Entrepreneurs In Residence90%
Management In Residence95%
Technologists/Inventors In Residence93%

Designed over a decade ago as a technology innovation lab and now mimicked by a new wave of  Start Up Studios, YEV injects and fosters new ideas and concepts via internal development groups, partnerships, advisors – and its In Residence Programs:

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence: Co-ideate and transform concepts around core technology (either currently in house or may be developed) to developed new ventures.

Management-in-Residence: Managers who may not have an idea for development, but who desire to join and lead management teams from one of our portfolio companies.

Technologists/Inventors-in-Residence: identification and development of leading edge technologies or lead innovative deployments of current technology.

Individuals or companies interested in one of the residence programs for the potential creation and development of new ventures in conjunction with YE Ventures, the Labs or its partners, please contact us at Inresidence@YE Venture.

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For Inquiries about YE Ventures Labs or Ventures Capital, please reach out directly to the firms’ principals at:

YE Ventures, LLC 301 S. Fremont Ave. Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 576-9755
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