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Originally founded by inventor, entrepreneur and financier York Eggleston, IV, YE Ventures is in a unique position to not only bring capital to new ventures, but also leading edge technology and expertise across the technology development and commercialization life cycle.

The key to YE Ventures value added capabilities is the tremendously talented team of principals and advisors that have served to create, foster, support and execute on the ideas that have turned into new products and new ventures.

Our passion for what we do transfers into what we invest in
and in the innovative technology we develop.

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Founders & Management

York Eggleston

Founder and Managing Partner

After gaining invaluable experience and honing his skills at leading advisory and principal investment firms such as Booz Allen & Hamilton, Salomon Brothers and Schroeder Ventures, Mr. Eggleston spent the last 20 years creating, developing and commercializing IP.

Mr. Eggleston is a founder of several software development labs that have been successful in the creation of more than 15 innovative ventures including: a pioneering promotions automation firm, Crave Technologies, Inc., a persistent search technology platform and media property, Alertmarks™ and a near-time platform for the measurement and prediction of global particulate matter using artificial intelligence, Machine Data Learning, LLC.  The core technology for those ventures were either developed in-house, via partnership or tech transfer programs with scholars from leading universities such as UMBC and the University of Texas.

He is the owner of over 2000 domains, a score of trademarks and copyrights and is the inventor or co-inventor on over 10 patents in software and business methods in areas which include promotion automation, privacy, data transformation and analytics, and personalization.  And through those patents in addition to advisory work, Mr. Eggleston has managed the business decisions for practically all major aspects of the patent legal process including – prosecution, enforcement, IPR defense, re-examination, licensing and appeal.

In addition, Mr. Eggleston formerly sat on the boards of Maryland Institute of Science, The Institute for Integrative Health and the advisory boards of the UMBC’s Alex Brown Center for Entrepreneurship, co-founded and is a board member of National Association of Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurs (NAMDE) and has been a contributor to both academic and commercial journals and publications.

Both a Toigo and Consortium Fellow, Mr. Eggleston has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College and an MBA Degree with Distinction from Harvard Business School with an emphasis on Finance and Operations.

Mr. Machen has a focus on being an effective business leader with global experience in building business models, shaping strategy, closing deals, raising capital and lawyering in start-ups, established companies and turnarounds.

Mr. Machen has a broad range of experience, from several years at leading law firms, to several years as General Counsel and/or President of leading and emerging technology companies. He has worked at developing and building start-up operations, and he has been a Principal in a venture capital firm.

Mr. Machen enjoys working with innovative technology, where he can be part of ambitious, passionate teams working on creative, disruptive, and challenging projects. Mr. Machen earned his Bachelor of Science degree in management and accounting from Purdue University and his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School.

Keith Machen


Ventures Partners

YE Ventures has a standing network of affiliated or partner servicecompanies that support the ventures launched from the Labs.These companies include SC Labs, Studio Codeworks, Inc., Nexify, IP Commercialization Labs, Data Insights, Semantic Labs, and IoT Marketing.

The Ventures Partners are the leaders of these and other companies.

Llewlyn Wall

Venture Partner
Co-Founder Semantic Labs

Keith Machen

Venture Partner
President of Nexify Inc.

Andrew Cohen

VP Finance and Business Development

Advisory Board

YE Ventures Advisors come from multiple disciplines and combine academic vision with real world pragmatism. Each has a specific specialty or area of expertise along with relationships which facilitate true venture success. Our advisors include the following successful entrepreneurs, business operators, scientists/technologists as well as financiers:

Al Carter


Gennadiy Kolesnik


Emmit McHenry


Frank Baitman


Dr. Nabil Adam


Chinedu Echeruo


Dr. Yelena Yesha, Phd


Sergei Nirenburg


Dr. Catherine Dibble


Anusha Lyer


Professor Jia Xu


Contact Us

For Inquiries about YE Ventures Labs or Ventures Capital, please reach out directly to the firms’ principals at:

YE Ventures, LLC 301 S. Fremont Ave. Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 576-9755
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